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initiate, ideate, integrate and implement 

feasible and high-impact multi-dimensional solutions 

to improve North Indian air quality 

through systemic and collaborative interventions 

in science, technology and society 

at human, building, neighbourhood, community, 

administrative unit, city and state scales and canvases.

Proposed Initiatives

Information Dissemination

  1. Open and Strategic Air Quality Network 

  2. Information-Knowledge Dissemination (for policymakers, quasi-judicial and judicial bodies)

  3. The state of North India’s cardiovascular and respiratory health with schools


Knowledge Co-Production

  1. Air quality hardware research and development intervention

  2. Air quality software and technology initiative

  3. Transition TRL for novel sustainability solutions


Collaborative Implementation

  1. Air pollution abatement solution: deployment, monitoring and evaluation

  2. Interventions at Coal plants and Brick Kilns

  3. Site interventions for landfills, crematorium and tandoor

  4. Village gauthans for waste-to-value creation

  5. Gaushala and dairies to use stubble as fodder 

  6. Scaling crop diversification in Punjab

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