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De-risking Out of the Box Ideas

Late Smt. Saroja Krishnamurthi

Message from the Founder

Saroja Sustainable Solutions Private Limited is inspired by the Late Saroja Krishnamurthi, a person who truly showed the world through her actions that kindness was the greatest wisdom. 

She was sustainable before it became a buzzword, she was resilient before it became a feature, she was kind when no one was looking and she was the original champion of “Think Global, Act Local” 

She took responsibility for her family and community, resisted the deadly sins relentlessly, reduced resource wastage of any form, returned more than she received, repaired broken men and tired women, reused knowledge and information across sectors, recycled good ideas and actions, restored dignity and confidence for many who lacked or lost it, respected everyone’s opinion and life story and reached out across homes, colonies, communities and cities to make people happy. She most importantly practised more than she preached. 

She was a connector, facilitator, motivator and doer. She believed in practice, discipline and rigour. 

Saroja Krishnamurthi meant the world and more to me. He was inspired by the woman and her will to survive, thrive and revive. 

I hope that Saroja.Earth inspired by her multi-disciplinary hard-working character that indefatigably did good, will provide a critical ‘in-between’ role in the world and hope to facilitate cross-pollination and de-risk out-of-the-box ideas for private, academic, and government organisations.  
Every institutional structure has its own set of constraints that prevents it from engaging in certain activities well or at all. Each of these institutions occupies some space in the innovation ecosystem and is well suited to tackle the activities it covers and poorly suited to tackle activities at the edge or outside of its specialized space. Some activities are covered by multiple institutions, but some aren't covered by any institutions. These activities are hence beyond the scope of happening owing to the existing institutional structures. 


Undoubtedly, there is a pressing need to try new organizational and legal models to do good work that tends to be deemed too research-heavy for startups and too engineering-heavy for academia.
Our model could fill this niche and help bring together the best of all worlds.
This 21st-century organization needs to exist outside of 21st-century government bureaucracies, whilst at the same time leaning on governmental capacity to scale it up.
The execution framework boils down to showing that a vision is not impossible, showing that it is possible, and then making it exist.
That is our theory of action. That will be our practice of action.


Roshan Shankar

Founder and CEO

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Roshan Shankar has been there and back from Princeton, Stanford, NSIT, DPS RK Puram, AIB, OML, RAND Corporation, MIT J-PAL and the Delhi Government. He is now building Saroja.Earth to work on hard problems straddling across worlds and sectors to be useful and of service to his city, country and planet.

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